Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO), your business can flourish online. Using the internet to organically attract new customers is probably the most effective marketing strategy available.  Unlike traditional advertising, online marketing actually increases your sales because it places your company directly in front of people who are searching for what you are offering.  But because of the premium value placed on these top rankings, organic SEO is the most difficult to achieve success with.  It’s far from impossible, however.

Nowadays people search for businesses in their locality, simply because of the abundance of options.  And through local search engine optimization, getting discovered in your online marketplace can be much more achievable and realistic.  NTR Imagescapes will help you analyze your competition, select appropriate keywords, and then integrate them into your site as well as in offsite marketing campaigns.

Competitive Analysis

We’ll perform a thorough analysis of your market’s competition, and by doing this, give you an accurate representation of your most effective opportunities to exploit.

Keyword Analysis

After learning what your competition is doing, it’s time to select the 4 or 5 keywords that you can not only achieve realistically high rankings in, but also keywords that will bring you exposure to your market base.

HTML Markup

Integrating those keywords into the content and structure of your website is the equivalent of building a strong foundation for your house.  Between the page META tags, headings, links and copy, the keywords will be dispersed, with individual saturation based on priority.

Link Building

Building backlinks with high authority websites and blogs is essential to achieving successful organic search engine ranking.  NTR Imagescapes will produce the articles, blog posts and press releases, and distribute them to high PR, aged domains and Web 2.0 platforms.

Result Tracking

Tracking the progress of an SEO marketing campaign and the effectiveness on keywords is vital.  Utilizing SEO tracking software, NTR Imagescapes will provide you day-by-day analysis of every keyword in the three major search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo), allowing for timely strategy shifts when needed.

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