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NTR Imagescapes loves it when customers approach us with a unique or complex web application that other developers have difficulty with because it just doesn’t fit within a particular framework they’re comfortable using.  As great as WordPress may be, it doesn’t always provide the specific functionality that your business needs to make it operate properly on the internet.  In these instances, a framework utilizing Bootstrap and custom PHP/MySQL is often times necessary to get the job done.

  • Custom Functionality – you may need your website to process user submissions in a more elaborate fashion than just taking their info and forwarding it to an administrator’s email.  Perhaps you want to set-up an employee management system, or online process to filter through dozens of applications.  Whatever your needs may be, NTR Imagescapes can devise a solution.

  • Server Side Programming – the majority of popular CMS platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal are built using PHP and MySQL. It is the foundation of today’s largest and most powerful websites such as Facebook and YouTube.  The open source nature of these languages make it an ideal choice for custom programming applications.

  • Client Side Programming – for those slick applications that respond instantly to user input, client side programming utilizing Javascript and jQuery are ideal.  They offer the ability to create dynamic and interactive features to a website, including form validation, slideshows, animations and much more.

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